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Leanne Crow - Diary Day - Waking Up 1

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Added: April 14, 2015
Runtime: 07:56
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Hey everyone!  I have been back at it shooting brand new stuff and while I was at it, I decided to do a very special and super cool new kind of shoot that I have never done before... a diary day!

Yes, you get to spend the entire day with me, from morning to night, and see me and my massive all-natural big boobs in their full resplendent glory in a way and context you have never seen before. :-)

There is also something else about this series that I think you are really going to like... you get to hear me speak!  I don't usually like talking on camera, but for this series I thought it would be a cool thing to do, so you can see me at home, in my element, hanging out (literally!) and seeing what I do on a typical day.

To start off, you get to wake up with moi and my two hilarious pooches here (those would be my DOGS... not my boobs! LOL) and see me bounce all around and have a fun morning wake-up call. 

Hope you like and stick around for much more!

xoxoxo -- Leanne

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