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Leanne Crow - Purple Leopard Bra GoPro 1

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Added: April 10, 2015
Runtime: 03:21
Score: 4.7/5.0


Hey there everoyne and welcome back to another weekend HD extravaganza!

I am here with my massive and recently re-measured JJ-cup boobs (which are now a KK-cup, for the record) and they are here to put yet another poor, unfortuante bra (actually, some of you would say the bra is VERY fortunate for what it gets to do with my boobs) through the wringer.

This backwards look that I invented a while back definitely suits me, especially since these bras I shoot in never really fit me all that well anyway... might as well turn the sucker around and really let it all hang out! ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend!

xoxoxo -- Leanne


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